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Product Free Version Leased License Hosted Solution Owned License
Number of clients 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of staff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of invoices you can send Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of products you can add 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted on your server -
Hosted on our server - - -
Fully customized & branded -
Support SSL Encryption
Support 32/64 bit
Source code - 50% 50% 95%
Price Free! $4.00/month $9.00/month $79.00 onetime (Special Offer!)
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* All pricing are stated in United States Dollars.

Hosted Solution Features:

All of our servers feature Quad Intel Xeon processors with ECC Registered RAM and 300MB/s hot swap SATA II drives with a hardware RAID controller configured for RAID-10 for superior performance and fault tolerance. Our exact hardware configuration changes every 3-8 months to keep current with technology and the market.
  • Powered by cPanel web based control panel
  • Utilizing the true 64-bit processing power of Intel Xeon processors
  • 5 Gigabytes RAID-10 Disk
  • 50GB Monthly Transfer
  • 1 Static IP
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • Unlimited Email
  • Share SSL
  • We are NOT oversell, Maximum 20 clients per server
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